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Actor/Gothic Illusionist/Host Ron Fitzgerald is a great entertainer with a unique personality that will make your event into an unforgettable one of a kind experience. What makes him different is his very unusual style and persona. When he presents Fitzgerald’s Realm of Magic it’s a combination of Gothic illusion, bizarre magic, alternative music and performance art all  mixed with Master Ron’s wicked sense of humor that makes this weird show accessible to any audience.  Fitzgerald weaves strange magic that your audience will never forget. Ron has performed everywhere from The Magic Castle in Hollywood to the Hong Kong Halloween Festival.


Fitzgerald also brings his unique talents and persona to the movie screen with his acting roles in films such as “The Item”, “Blood Gnome”, “Eye of Cruelty”, “The Thirsting”, “Magus”, and the stunning documentary


“National Vampire”.

Fitzgerald can perform for parlor, stage, illusion shows, large scale events, television and film. Ron will  work with you to customize his show/presentation to fit your specific needs- long or short, fun and spooky or full on wicked! Whether an evening of Tarot reading and mentalism at a private event or a full evening stage illusion show  with complete production for a larger client, Fitzgerald can make it happen for you. His numerous credits cover a multitude of events, venues, stage, television and film. If you’re looking for a unique personality that stands out from the crowd and is so much freaky fun he will leave your audience screaming for more, then Ron Fitzgerald is the one you seek! Contact us about your event, show,  project or film now.


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“I love your look!”

~Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

“Ron has a unique and inventive performance style.”
“Ron is Halloween!”
~Paul Osborne -ShowProducer and Illusion Systems Publishing

“I’ve never seen anything like this!”
“It’s a little wicked and weird!”
~Paul Konrad WGN Morning News

“The perfect show for a Halloween event or any time your trying to create a dark, mysterious atmosphere. Fitzgerald is spooky fun!”
~Fright Times Magazine
Fitzggerald’s real-life persona enhances the viewer’s appreciation for his Gothic Magic show.”
~The Star Newspaper

“Ron Fitzgerald is the master of macabre magic who does some amazing
illusons and has a gift for taking the bizarre and making it big fun!”
~The Chicago Tribune

“With his edgy stlyle and strange eyes Fitzgerald could be called the Marylin Manson of Magic,
yet Fitzgerald seems to have a healthier sense of humor about it all.”
~The LA Times

“Fitzgerald definitely has a presence when on screen.”, “Blood Gnome” review

“Ron, you’re the greatest thing since theatrical blood! I’ll be calling
you for my next film! You’re my best special effect!”
~John Lechago, Director (Blood Gnome, Bio Slime, Magus)

“That’s wild! They loved it! I’m not done with you yet!”
“Ron Fitzgerald scared the hell out of me…..and I loved it!”
~Mancow, Nationally Syndicated Radio – Mancow’s Morning Madhouse