Ron Fitzgerald's

Dark Realm

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Ron Fitzgerald 

             Ron Fitzgerald is a Gothic illusionist and actor.

Ron Fitzgerald has performed from Hollywood to Hong Kong and beyond with his live Gothic Illusion show, acting in films such as “MAGUS” and hosts dark, unforgettable events! Master Fitzgerald has worked in the Performing Arts, Theatre, Television, and Film throughout his career. He’s a man that believes “Strange is Beautiful”.

>His stage show features dark/edgy illusions, strange Magic,  cool music, and a mad magician who looks like the front man for a rock band. Imagine David Bowie, not David Copperfield. It’s been described as a kind of Gothic Illusion or Horror Magic.”

There are more movie projects in the works as well such as “Bound in Death” and “Dark Realm”, which is the fusion of Ron’s Gothic illusion show and a Horror film! . Ron Fitzgerald is truly the Master of all things dark and sticky!


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