Ron Fitzgerald's

Dark Realm

 Escape to the netherworld where strange is beautiful and enter Fitzgerald’s Realm.  If you’re looking for something different in the world of entertainment, you just found it!

Actor, Gothic Illusionist and Host Ron Fitzgerald (aka Master Ron Fitzgerald) is the Realm’s multi-talented creator. Fitzgerald has performed from Hollywood to Hong Kong and beyond with his live Gothic Illusion show, acting in films such as “MAGUS” and hosts dark, fun events! Master Fitzgerad has worked in the Performing Arts, Theatre, Television, and Film throughout his career. He’s a man that believes “Strange is Beautiful”. With his Gothic persona, macabre wit, and taste for the wicked and weird side of Magic, he’s Master of the Realm! Taking Magic where other magicians fear to tread, Fitzgerald is the only illusionist wild enough to be the closing act on the second stage at Lollapalooza. Fitzgerald is inspired by David Bowie not David Copperfield!

His stage show features dark/edgy illusions, strange Magic,  cool music, and a mad magician who looks like the front man for a rock band. It’s been described as a kind of Gothic Illusion or Horror Magic.” This show’s a must for Halloween, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gothic, Vapmpire, Magic, events or any event you want to make unforgettable!  If you despise normal magic shows, then you’ll love Fitzgerald’s Realm of Magic. It’s dark, sticky vampire fun!

The Realmlord cheerfully submits his audience to illusion presentations such as:”The Bronze Bat,” in which Fitzgerald passes a woman through the center of his own body. Fitzgerald eats razor blades in “Don’t Try This at Home”.  He also sticks a 12″ steel needle through the neck of his assistant  in the “Vampire’s Kiss.”(Which he performed, to the shock and twisted delight, of a sold out crowd of 27,000 as an opening act for Kid Rock at the Karnival of Chaos!) Fitzgerald’s style is the fusion of Bizarre Magic and performance art mixed with his wicked sense of humor. He’s artistic, creepy, funny and someone you must see  to believe.

“The Realm” also spawned a Chicago-based cable TV show for several years that gained a cult following. It was very different from what any other magician on TV has ever presented. “Fitzgerald’s Realm” delivered Horror and Sci-Fi movie trailers, Gothic Magic, strange guests and macabre lunacy all in the fast-paced style more typical of a music video show. It was MTV of the living dead! Master Ron has also appeared on many other television shows, local and national.

In addition to television projects and presenting his thrilling live Gothic illusion shows, Fitzgerald is an Actor in Indie, Sci-Fi and Horror films. Fitzgerald’s work on stage and screen have made him an emerging personalinty in the Horror genre which has introduced him to a huge new audience. Ron has been a special guest at The Chicago Horror Film Festival, ScreamFest in FL, Fangoria, Famous Monsters and HorrorHound conventions across the nation. Master Ron has also hosted The Chicago Horror Film Festival and the Indy Horror Film Festival.  His first film “The Item” went to the Sundance Film Festival as their first ever digital admission, then went on to play other film festivals around the world before its release. Other films include “Eye of Cruelty”,  the very gooey “Blood Gnome” and “The Thirsting”. Fitzgerald also has the staring role in John Lechago’s Horror/Fantasy film, “Magus”, now out on DVD. Current film projects include the amazing 3D Horror/Comedy “Horrorween”,  “Bloody Baby”, “Afraid of Sunrise” and “Dracula’s Orgy of the Damned” where Fitzgerald plays, yes…Dracula!  Ron is also the voice of the creature in the upcoming “Contagion” ( Formerly “Bio Slime”). There are more movie projects in the works as well such as “Bound in Death” and “Dark Realm”, which is the fusion of Ron’s Gothic illusion show and a Horror film! . Fitzgerald is truly the Master of all things dark and sticky!

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